LTL Shipping

Whether you have a rush order or need the highest shipment security, expedited shipping has the speed to meet your demand.

IMPROVE PROCESSES Expedited LTL shipping allows you to meet strict and changing customer demands while keeping your business moving and lowering inventory costs. Red Lightning can help you identify inefficiencies in your complex supply chain and match you with qualified carriers to ensure your freight is delivered on time, every time.

EXPERIENCE When standard shipping services won’t meet your requirements, RLL will find you guaranteed expedited transportation. With over two decades of experience under our belt, we understand that long lead times are a rare commodity. That’s why we’ve built our expedited network, systems and transportation management system to be ready – even at a moment’s notice.


  • Speed
  • Less Handling, less damage
  • Efficient delivery, real-time status
  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Better security

Expedited LTL shipping is a useful transportation strategy — for spot shipments or for long-term freight management solutions.