Heavy Haul

Heavy-haul transport isn’t easy, and it isn’t for everyone. We are dedicated & experienced to get the job done!

Over-weight shipments, commonly referred to as heavy haul, require careful planning to ensure safe, on-time delivery. Red Lightning Heavy Haul has been providing our clients with the best in heavy haul and heavy equipment transportation.

Heavy haul logistics demands attention to details, it is important to work with a logistic providers accustomed to working with heavy haul requirements including permits, safety and equipment. Safety is a complete understanding of the task at hand and the knowledge of every step that must be taken. Safety is good judgment, sound preparation for unexpected situations, the ability to be alert in the midst of routine, and an unwillingness to rely on luck.

RLL customers have unusually high expectations and we like that. It inspires us to achieve their goals; it motivates us to overcome challenges, big and small; and it drives us to success.